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Default Re: Dual/Single Link TMDS

Probably many of the information leaks could be classified as bugs or maybe they could be suppressed with some config option, but a local dmesg information leak is IMHO a bit different from posting it on a forum...

The phone number thing is probably the biggest privacy issue, but I also would not like to show everyone how my disk volumes are named, how much data I have on them, and what CD/DVD titles I have mounted recently.

I understand that it could be difficult to filter the correct info from dmesg (largely because of the ad-hoc method of logging in Linux, without clear subsystem ids).
Maybe a possibility would be to add a "terse" option to the bugreport script that only puts things like the installer log, X config, X logfile and the /proc files that belong to the videocard, which are of direct significance to the video subsystem, in the output file.
This would then omit things like the hardware inventory, modules list, dmesg etc or only include those lines from those via egrep -i "nvidia|video|agp|acpi" (for example).
In cases where this is insufficient you could always ask for a complete report via mail.
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