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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by glObalist
Well first of all how in Azeroth is Blizz handing out "free trial accounts"? AFAIK you only get the 10 day trial key when you buy the retail game, which isn't free at all.
Look at the upper right hand corner of the website. You can download the game, fill out the information. You only pay when you actually upgrade to the full version. If you do, you pay the money for the game which is less than the retail version. I know but cause I did this when I came back to the game.

As far as the Terms of Agreement, let me enlighten YOU for a change:

In section C, paragraph v. of the agreement "you agree that you will not buy or sell for "real" money gold, weapons, armor, etc...". How about that, Mr. righteous, god-fearing nVJoe?
Did you read what I said about Blizzard allowing a certain amount of gold farming and are you aware of how the gold farming firms strong arm MMOs into letting them farm? Please read what I said before you post redundant information. It would have saved this whole paragraph from entering into the web.

You want to bring religion into this? LOL! Come on at least address the topic because I can go down the list of your hypocrisies also.
And finally, you yourself have stated in your post that WoW is just a game. Now why in Azeroth would you go out and shell out real-life money for virtual currency in a game is beyond me.
Why do you care? If you think it is stupid, fine. To be honest when I did it, I knew it was a complete waste of money but that is where I chose to spend my money.

May I suggest you learn2farm?
Sure! Grats!

I have farmed just as much gold as you have in my time on WoW. When I got to my last two 60s I decided I didn't want to grind for that epic mound. I got tired of it.

Now may i suggest you save your Night Elf lingo for /1 General channel?

LOL! WoW lingo is pathetic.
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