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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by nrdstrm

I have never, and will never buy gold/items/pl/etc.....It RUINS the economy...I am as adamant against it as Brad from Sigil, though I have a distaste for him now as he (not only he, but mostly he) ruined Vanguard...

I won't even buy stuff if it's sanctioned (like EQ2 @ SOE)...I already pay 15 bucks a month..I enjoy playing...If I didn't enjoy playing, I still wouldn't buy stuff with RL money, because I would have quit the game...

All Gold Farmers are evil...PERIOD...

Flame me if you must, but then I'll simply tell you to f off... (Bottom line, no one can change my mind on this...)
LOL! I can't get past your silly avatar, let alone address your post.

LOL! Vanguard. LOL! What a crappy game.
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