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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Bleh, life's to short for a-holes like that. Besides, time would be better spent (at 64) questing in Nagrand or Terrokar Forest, then stalking the players around Ashenvalle attempting to steal kills from people actually questing there.

As to the low level begger, I've sometimes thought summoning them onto rocks in Nagrand might set them straight; but there's little except reporting to a game master, that one can do with an arse such as the one I encountered.

I swear some people need their computers taken from them, and then to be sent to bed without dinner Right around the time Gilthanas came up to me I gather, on some alt I long since forgot about, one unfortunate day; I had already had it with another such person as last night. But that time I was questing in Winterspring, when the person comes up, trains a whole bunch of mobs on me when I have Ursius (elite lvl 57? bear) down to 76% health and am managing battle. After causing my death, the personthen takes the beast and stands around and verbally assaults me for 20 mins. When I finally said something, he went whining to Blizzard, with a "oh I love reporting people to Bliz. You said.... Oh I can report you now".

Never mind the 20 minutes of verbal assault... Never mind that I was trying to walk away from this sort of thing time and again to try to get away... Now I got a PM from Bliz for having said something to him after all of that. I tried relogging over to another realm, as I had enough.

Life's really too short to have to waiste it dealing with people who go around acting like this
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