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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by glObalist
And allowing a certain amount of gold farming equals to allowing to buy/sell WoW gold for real money how? I can go gold farming till the day they close the servers but will never sell the gold I have farmed.
If you allow a behavior to happen you are are in essence saying it is ok to do this. At he very least you create confusion. That is what Blizzard had been doing. They won't talk about it but there is a lot of behind the scenes talks going on with MMOs and gold farmers. I am not talking about regular gold farming in the game as Blizzard intended. I am talking about gold farming by gold farming firms. I think you may have confused what I said.

You on the other hand have broken the EULA, it's as simple as that.
I never said I didn't break the EULA. I am saying that because Blizzard allows a certain amount, they are breaking their own EULA. Either they tell the gold farming firms "we will not allow you in our game" or they won't.

BTW have you ever downloaded a song off the internet with out paying for it?
Don't try and take the high road on me just because you happen to care about this particular issue.
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