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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

There is something Blizzard could do, which would put an end to the spamming of WoW gold, and that would be to further restrict 10-day trial accounts to no PST, and no sending of mail possible. Leave them unable to speak in either trade channel or general chat, and that restricts their methods of using trial accounts.

As to that much of a change, with a stripped down account, when I used my 10-day trial prior to my retail code last year, I already couldn't use the AH or many other features of the game. Such restrictiveness wouldn't be without precedent.

Fact that people should be aware of however (and probably most people who aren't farmers, but caught up in this aren't) is that it is a violation of the TOS, and Blizzard does reserve the right to ban them. More often then not, the person they buy the gold from is moving it on a 10-day trial account they could care less about, but the person entering into the transaction with them, is on their real account.

The spammer/gold farmer has little to lose, but the people who use them on the other hand have a lot to lose. This includes an account which isn't trial, and possibly a bunch of 70s they worked on for a bit of time. And time not just hitting lvl 70; but rep grinding for revered or even exalted with several factions, and raiding with as well.

When the day is done, and no I can't prove this; but I'd bet bottom to dollar that many of these gold sellers, are the same people who are hacking into people's accounts and stealing their gold, probably to resell. I've been hearing of more of this lattely, such as just the other week our guild master losign 4,200 gold when he was saving up for an epic mount. This was followed by about 20 people in guild all reporting in a short time after they had been hacked also.

I do know that one low life from peons4hire actually spammed me for gold ostensibly for his skills. When I refused, he started directing me to peons website to buy gold, so I could give it to him. I wouldn't put it past them to hack into the network and steal a portion of what they resell either.
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