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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by glObalist
Alright, care to prove how Blizzard is making these behind-the-scenes moves with goldfarming companies? Or are you just making this up in your "confused" head to try and justify what you did?
Go google the history of gold farming firms. I was blown away. It is a huge racket. In fact one of the big firms was co-started by a famous child actor. I forgot his name but the whole thing is quite impressive.

Thottbot, Alakazam and many other popular sites are ALL owned by gold farming firms.

I have never justified buying gold. I do get a kick out of you making it this unforgivable sin. LOL Give me a break.

Again, have you ever downloaded a song of the internet with out paying for it? Have you ever used cracked software or a serial game?
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