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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

This guy was same faction though, as he ended up on ignore for constantly PSTing me after he did this...

Now the begger I have messed with. One low lvl NE who kept begging for gold, I told him he'd need to take his cloathes off, and dance around Darn naked. He moaned, but I asked him how bad he wanted the money. After he did for awhile, I relogged to check stuff on another char. When I came back 20 minutes latter, he said "I'm still naked Can I have 5 gold now?"

He actually waited in the exact spot I logged off that whole time I laughed, and was like "just think of the amount of money you could have made killing and questing in this time you were waiting for me to come back". I mounted up, headed to hipo, and flew off. He PSTed to say "somehow, I think I'm not going to get money now"

In some ways, those were the days, when the pestering was less. Now it's things like above, or people demanding that a lvl 70 power level them, rush them through Gnomer, and everything else. Combined with being turned into tech support, as people continue to PST every fracken question such as how to point and click their mouse, or load a program...
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