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Default Re: What is the best way to farm for gold in WoW

I didn't grind 10 levels (10 on my main, as he was lvl 60 last year, and already in some ZG gear and some lvl 60 epics when BC came out), but there's plenty of other ways to make some money, beside all the quest turn ins. This said, when I quested Nagrand, I had my epic land mount in a day. If some are thinking "I'll never get this money", don't dispair, Nagrand was far better with money then even Hellfire Peninsula.

Anyhow, first a mod called auctioneer can be useful. Now there is a slight problem if one plays accross realms, with it using "saved variables" to store all the data, and that it has a size limit. Unfortunately, this is cumulative accross realms, so just 2 AHs leaves my saved variables about 80+% full. Through a third in, I'm sitting at about 87% full; can't use AH on other realms without prob.

However, by keeping track on market changes, it takes some of the guess work out of auction prices and allows one to keep up with market trends. Do be careful however, as some people do stuff up the AH by either severely over-pricing an item to the point it won't sell (over-inflating the averages), or undercutting the market price to something ridiculous.

- After this, that netherweave cloth tends to auction rather well, as does cloth in general

- Lower lvl greens can be hit or miss; it's almost better to dischant them and sell enchanting mats, unless the stats are really good. On a big realm with a well established AH, this has been my experience. On a dif realm I play on, where rares are almost never in the AH and people have to go with greens, or get it themself, this doesn't apply so much.

- Mats have a good chance of selling, if you keep it around the market trend for the realm (leather, especially knothide, ores, bars, etc)

- Don't under-estimate the benefits of farming primals, and selling primals on the AH

- For trade professions, take a queue from enchants, and insist on "your mats". Given the price increases after BC (thorium costing 20 g a stack, vs. the 6-8 g a stack last year); it's not profitable to make mithril spurs out of "your own mats", then apply them at the going rate, + small fee for applying them.

It takes 4 mithril bars + 2 course grinding stone to make. The 1 g 20 s going rate, doesn't cover it, when mithril bars can go for around 10 g a stack. Best yet, have them get the item from AH, then you apply... Mithril spurs, isn't the only such example, where the mats can be even several times the price people are willing to pay for the item. Hence "your mats", or forget providing it at loss.
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