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Default Re: What is the best way to farm for gold in WoW

Netherstorm has given more yes, and true to form I have a flying mount also (which of course was necessary for kara attunement); the money for which came post Nagrand quests. Once one is down to downright grinding though, it can be almost a toss up though. Ogres, or mana forge, which people do more for rep anyhow. They both drop fairly close to each other. Same probably applies for motes of mana (primal mana goes for a fair bit), vs. motes of water/earth/fire (nagrand).

At this point, I prefer the area that is less crowded, which can also depend on time of day, etc... Little money is made when people are tripping over 30 other people after the same thing, all having to wait for the odd respawn. Outland has several places though, so it is possible to pick a less congested place a fair bit of time.
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