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SImpy put not everything need 32FP some can look almost the same with FP16 and even something with FX12 but since its not written in the program what the everything need to run at nvidia has to put in the drivers what each value is. Once you go off rail they no longer have the correct values so the IQ goes down a lot and their are artifiacts. the n3x like I said likes the split it up and if something doesnt need 32FP its in 16 if not even 16 FX12 ect.

So if 3dmark03 put values on everything (nv3x pathway) then you could move around off rail and it would be shown ALMOST the same as it was intended. In most cases you wont see the difference unless you look really hard and in some you might see none. just accept this is how nv3x works kind of like dont bring a tank to a fight just bring your self(16FP maybe even 12FX) unless its a warrzone then you need the tank (32FP)
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