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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Go google the history of gold farming firms. I was blown away. It is a huge racket. In fact one of the big firms was co-started by a famous child actor. I forgot his name but the whole thing is quite impressive.

Thottbot, Alakazam and many other popular sites are ALL owned by gold farming firms.

I have never justified buying gold. I do get a kick out of you making it this unforgivable sin. LOL Give me a break.

Again, have you ever downloaded a song of the internet with out paying for it? Have you ever used cracked software or a serial game?
What? Not a single proof or link to back up your claims of Blizzard pacting with the MMO goldselling companies? Well that's what I though.

I'm done here unless you can prove what you're saying. Bye.
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