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Default Re: Sega Rally on PC

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I hope its good and arcadey. I get sick of everything trying to be so much of a sim that the graphics and "realism" leave gameplay behind. If I wanted a sim, I would get surround monitors, sit in a car seat that moves like a car or hell I might would just buy a car and start racing myself. I want to play a game to relax and half fun, not work my ass of in pseudo-realism on a second job.
I agree with this man.

Realism doesn't always equal fun, and anybody obsessed with it should go do the real thing because it sure as hell doesn't get any more real than that. Maybe it's because I started gaming back when arcades were still around games only had two dimensions, but I find that arcade games (or games with a good mix of realistic and arcade aspects) often offer the most fun. Games that are just fun because they are, and to the majority of people, too. Not just to some small niche section of gamers that apparently love driving games in which they have to worry about the quality of their fuel mixture. This isn't to say that I don't enjoy games that try and be realistic, it just means that there are room for both arcade and realistic games in my collection.

I honestly hope games never become too realistic, because if they do they won't be games anymore so much as they would simply be simulators. Too much focus on realism tends to break down core gameplay dynamics and good game design, because if you haven't noticed: Real life isn't a game. Introducing more of the real world into gaming is both a curse and a blessing, it'll give you more enjoyment if handled properly, but it can take a lot more away if it's not.

I could go on, but this alone will most likely bring on countless flames by legions of small-minded individuals. Most of whom will likely turn into the stereotypical PC snobs and make some snooty comment about how I should go buy a console and play my stupid "kiddy" arcade games while the "real gamers" play their magnificent life simulators instead of really doing the things they apparently love so much. Laff.
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