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Default Re: What is the best way to farm for gold in WoW

Only thing with mentioning instances (outside those that can be soloed, such as ZF at lvl 70), is that whatever drops, unless one's going to be a ninja jerk that no one wants to go down with again; one's got to split those drops. Even with dischant ability, the way it reasonably works, is people roll on the shard...

Raides, I haven't seen them as money makers, and definitely when people are gearing up, wipes can be inevitable. For instance, when I first when into kara, it wasn't uncommon to find mobs that were criting some players for 8,000+ damage. 1-2 hit kills could be common. On one mob for instance, our warrior with about 14,000 armor and I'm not exactly sure how much hp, but probably over 10 k could only take a couple hits.

We ended up on this one mob (and we're talking trash here), having to resort to a feral druid in the party tanking that one, rather then the MT/warrior, because he had 21,000 armor in bear form, and then designate 2 healers out of 3 in the raid, onto the druid alone...

Course one will be kara geared before looking to go here, but the mobs in Gruul's Layer and Serpentshrine Cavern are harder hitting. It can not be uncommon to walk away from a raid, with a bit of a financial loss, between repairs, pots, food (and if one's a hunter, not all pets like mage bread), arrows, regeants, etc. End result, when I for one go into a raid, I'm grinding gold, and buying stuff before I ever get to the portal, with the expectation I might lose. One raides for a shot at gear, rather then expecting to make gold.

True, as one gears up, older raides can become easier (take ZG for instance, at lvl 70 with decent gear), but as a general rule, when starting a new end game instance and progressing further along....
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