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Default I know the mods here have it rough....

But locking threads in the FEEDBACK forum?

For what it's worth, if this site becomes too strict in overzealous enforcement of rules, keeping a tiny perspective, and bannishment of those who disagree, it could become a very lonely place. It's only a video card, right? DO you really have loyalty to computer hardware? Maybe I'm missing something here, but it's just hardware...and to deny a companies wrongdoing, or worse yet, rationalize poor and shady business practices b/c of that, and this site won't be a very fun place to visit, filled w/ nothing but mind-numbing drones.

I hate to say it, but HB was right. Most of the folks who are members here, or any hardware site for that matter, really don't have a very good understanding of 3-D graphics. Of course I'm one of them..

Anyway- I sincerely hope things don't get lock-happy around here...

Ironically, I do feel this thread should be locked..if you feel like replying and locking, OK by me, just wanted to get this off my chest.
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