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Originally posted by Sazar
HB is not entirely blameless in this issue...

there is no doubt he may know more than most of us... but then so do people like dave baumann... and you don't see dave coming in here and continually looking down on people... he presents his case and moves on...

but I have to go with the other lads... the WAY he was banned was a bit off...

still it is the perogative of the mods... and their decision ultimately as to how they handle things...

just providing my feedback
True, it is the mods call and their word is final...I also was just stating my opinion.

I know HB can be a bit much at times, but he wasn't overly rude or surly this time and has been really making an attempt to tone down his behavoir lately and I really just felt it was the mods this time around who went a little over the top.
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