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Default Re: Tried and true HDTV 1080i settings?

Originally Posted by ubikdood
What monitor are you using ?
Also, have you tried VGA ?
It doesn't quite matter what monitor I'm using (I'm using a few different models). I don't think the set top box (that I use as a reference signal generator) cares about the monitor either, yet it displays a 1080i picture just fine (on all of the monitors I use). That's what makes the question the "black and white" kind. It either has an exact answer, or it doesn't.

Here's something interesting displayed by a Samsung monitor:

With the set top box, it says the frequencies for 1080i are H: 33.6 kHz, V: 59.8 Hz, but with the nVidia card and one of the modelines (generated by ) it says the frequencies are H: 33.9 kHz, V: 29.8 Hz. Now, the bold part doesn't look right to me.

VGA says H: 33.9 kHz, V: 59.7 Hz, with the same modeline.
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