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Hellbinder was baited but wrong or right is in the eyes of the interpreter. He and and Vamp are totally responsible for to extremes that bait was taken between them and how they interpreted each other's posts. Vamp has apologized for jumping the gun and, from what I gather, HB's ban has been lifted.

Hell, I bait Udawg and Ex-Bu all the time.
And they bait me back, too.
Seldom are we at each others throats.

We just know how to push each other's buttons!

As for closing threads here...I think Volt's criteria is very simple.

1) Close threads that pointlessly beat dead horses.
2) Close threads that pointlessly beat resurrected horses.
3) Close threads that pointlessly repeat previously established points ad infinitum.

This is probably one of those threads.

And just because a thread here gets locked doesn't mean the feedback was unappreciated or ignored.

Volt, if you'll do the honors!
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