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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Honestly, you are a small person glObal. There are many more articles on this and you didn't even look quotes like this.

Just those two quotes alone go directly to the point I have been making (which you are to dense to understand) that the strong arming and the mutual intrest in making money is what is pushing this whole market. Go and Google for your self. There are forums after forums that talk about this market and it is something you obviously know nothing about.

Why do idiots like you eve bother posting? You are to lazy to investigate, too stupid to read and to ignorant to understand what you are reading. It is dumb azzes like you, why forums suck, especially any forum that has anything to do with gaming.

Rarely flame people in this forum. There two things that set me off, anti-American crap in the PF, you get flamed from me for that sheer lazy stupidity. You sit on your ass crying about this and that yet you make no attempt to research. I just can't stand kids like you.

I noticed you still haven't answered my question if you have ever downloaded music with out paying, DLd' serialz, warez, crackz ect...
Yea whatever, so Blizzard isn't going out of their way and devote all their resources to ban goldselling. Maybe they have more important things to make and fix? Still doesn't mean they are condoning of it. It's just dumbasses (yes it's you who started with the insults) like you who spread the FUD and even buy the gold. Get some fricken' morals. Nuff said.

And don't try to drag warez into this. It's you who came to this thread boasting of your EULA-breaking activity.
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