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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by nVJoe
LOL you don't want to look at what you do. I fully admit I am breaking the EULA. Yet you get mad at me for doing that while you do all sorts of out right ILLEGAL downloading. LOL! you Hypocrite! LOL You're so pathetic. Don't talk morals to me. LOL! You point your crooked little finger at me while doing the same in a different area

Let me tell you again what my point is. Blizzard, SOE and all the other companies who put out MMOs do not want gold farming in their games and I don't blame them. The problem is the gold farming firms are STRONG ARMING them and forcing Blizzard and other into accepting a certain amount. It is against what they want to do but they understand this is not a fight that can be completely won so they do what they can. That was all that I was trying to say.

I tell you what. I think I will buy 50 gold this evening in your name. BAHAHAHAAHAH!

/slaps GlObal on the arss.

I'm done with this. I made my point and enjoyed you backing down but still trying to be tough while you put your tail between your legs. LOL

Thanks for the laugh.
WTF? Why are you putting in bold something I never said? I never said I download warez or illegal stuff, in fact the only game I play is WoW and the only music I'm listening to is from the local radio station.

Now back to MY point. What I find quite pathetic is you and a couple of others THINK Blizz is bowing down to the gold-selling industry and therefore feel comfortable to buy wow gold, yet you can't prove it. Yes claims like ZOMG theRE STONGARMING BLIZZ and BLIZZ CANT BAN goldselllerz LOL don't pass as proof in my book.

I thought your morals was better, that's all.

P.S. OMG, this feels like arguing with Udawg...
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