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Default Re: Storing Javascript into MYSQL

Originally Posted by ViN86
you could use a Text field. it will hold 65536 characters. make sure you escape the string (like ghost said) and seriously, please post more info like your DB (again like ghost said).

I am trying to store a javascript code into a MYSQL database.

I do not know what you mean by escaping the sql.

* Build the sql query.

$sql = "INSERT into sql_restaurants set

user_id = '$this->user_id',
restaurant_name = '$this->restaurant_name',
restaurant_address1 = '$this->restaurant_address1',
restaurant_address2 = '$this->restaurant_address2',
restaurant_zip = '$this->restaurant_zip',
restaurant_phone = '$this->restaurant_phone',
restaurant_category = '$this->restaurant_category',
opening_hours = '$this->opening_hours',
eat_in = '$this->eat_in',
take_out = '$this->take_out',
we_deliver = '$this->we_deliver',
website = '$this->website',
goodstats = '$this->goodstats'
restaurant_reg_date = NOW(),
restaurant_status = '0'";

The column that I am working with is 'goodstats' > and it is a webstat program that I have designed. Although I did not write, I outsourced a good php programmer to write it. Now I want to integrate it into another porgram i designed called eatphp.

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