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Originally posted by bwkaz
If you (temporarily, of course) disable the onboard Ethernet card, does that help at all?
I tried this, twice, while X was running:
ifdown eth0
modprobe -r eepro100

and the system hung each time! At least, X hung, and with the network down
I couldn't test any other way.

I didn't get a chance to try it *before* starting X. But this behavior seems pretty weird to me,
and makes me think that the problem really might be IRQ-related.
If you add Option "RenderAccel" "true" to your Device section in XF86Config-4, does that help the 2D speed at all? Careful, though -- RenderAccel isn't stable on all systems. [/b]
I don't see how that could matter -- surely
neither the window manager (fvwm2)
nor xterm will be using the RENDER extension.

Also, even if it were a question of software vs. hardware acceleration,
the delays I'm seeing are far too slow for software anything. We get delays of
sometimes tens of seconds before a moved window appears in its new place,
or before a newly-mapped window appears on the screen.
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