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Originally posted by Morrow
Actually it was not me who said that but it was JC, I only quoted him...
Well he's wrong. No one is perfect.

And no, I'm not calling ATI cheaters, I was just point out that they are currently using a lower precision than nvidia. Anyway, there's no doubt about the higher IQ of FP32 but it will be difficult to demonstrate it by screenshots, much like 32-bit colors only offer superior IQ in scenes which a smooth color gradient (like a sky) or fog scenes, compared to 16-bit colors...
People have posted shots from the UT2003 menu of all things that showed vast differences between 16bit and 32bit color. Like I've said, 32bit color in today's games is pretty easy to distinguish from 16bit color, now that all art is made with 32bit color in mind. Fire up any recent game, and most effects show an improvement in 32bit color over 16bit color.
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