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Default Re: Pioneer DFP/ GeForce4 DVI-HDMI Finally got 1080i but doesn't look right...

Sorry. Not ignoring you, just been away myself.
Also, my mistake, should have requested verbose 6 in my last post. That gives even more info; specifically the reason why modes are rejected.
Here's the deal:
The driver should simply read your CRT's EDID, figure out what it likes, and synch up with that. But it doesn't because of the bug that's been around for some 4 or 5 drivers now.
So you're left with 2 choices:
1. The TV-out mode and specify the 1080i standard. This will work fine except you can't control the overscan. That function just doesn't work.
2. Custom modelines just as you are doing. Essentially you're telling the driver, "don't think, don't validate, just do this." As long as the modeline you're supplying is one that your CRT can handle it should work.
There's also this point: Normal DVI data transfer is digital but when you use custom modelines you are using the the V/C's TV encoder to pass an analog signal through the DVI cable/TV port. Since your CRT is older (1990 ???) the DVI port may not accept analog. See Wikipedia > DVI about port configurations.
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