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Default Re: Single, Twinview, metamodes order, and bounding box...

Thank you both for you replies, I was almost giving up hope...

Originally Posted by Xinef
For the keyboard shortcut, you could first come up with a script that does what you want...
I am with you, though my problem is that I cannot seem to find anything to put in the script, insofar as the nvidia-config does not seem to have an attribute to set/shift metamodes. Any suggestions? (... even though you get a headache - can't rightfully say that I blame you!)

Originally Posted by xbobmx
Try Ctrl-Alt-+ and Ctrl-Alt-- (the + and - on your numpad, not the ones by the backspace key)
I see this mentioned several places, though it does nothing on my set... Any pointers on how to 'fix' this, if indeed 'fixed' it can be?

As I said, I would be happy with any other approach to doing this, if metamodes is not the right way of achieving it.

All the best...
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