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Default Re: Tried and true HDTV 1080i settings?

There are several threads that get into this issue but for clarity I'll try to sum it up as I understand it. Those with better clarification or understanding are welcome to chme in.

Yes, as in XP you would expect the driver to poll the displays EDID and simply sync to what the display prefers. The video card is obviously and imminently capable of doing that but the driver just won't do it. The vertrefresh seems to be the problem. 60hz is the common refresh reported by EDIDs (50hz in Europe). That's 30hz per frame @ 2 frames per complete interlaced picture. For some reason the driver rejects these modes because it's looking for 120hz. Makes no sense. Seems like an easily fixed goof but it has yet to be fixed. Whether this is a "bug" or perhaps a deliberately imposed limitation linked to (perhaps) some commercial "understanding" with MS is open to conjecture.
So you can't get digital. You're limited to analog.
TV-out would be the logical choice. Simply specify the TV standard (1080i). This works just fine but there is no overscan control for folks with CRT's. And custom modelines are ignored in TV-out mode. Screwed again.
So the only method available is to specify custom modelines and apply appropriate options in xorg.conf to force the driver to "don't think, just do what I say."
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