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Default Re: FEAR, Logitech HID bad performance

The G15 was causing issues with FEAR back in XP too. I remember seeing a few posts on the Vivendi forums starting around v1.02 of FEAR when the big issue was SecuROM. People with G15's were getting crap framerates and some of them solved it by using the default MS HID drivers (which means no more G keys) while playing the game.


I ran some tests since I have FEAR, a G15 and an MX Revolution running Setpoint 4.0 and G15 1.03.
I havn't had an issues before either, but here's what I found.

w/Keyboard App
w/Logitech HIDs

So I tried all combinations of Apps on and off, running FEAR, quiting, turning apps on and off, then starting the game again. All of the tests came out the same (+ or - 1 or 2 FPS). For the heck of it I tried Alt + Tabbing during one of the tests instead of quiting the game and bam, I get 11/13/15. I re-ran each of my tests using Alt+Tab instead of quiting, each first run gave me close to 37/72/151, but after Alt+Tab they all gave me 11/13/15 exactly.

After all of that, I fully uninstalled the Logitech drivers and reverted everything to the MS HID drivers. Same results. I got great performance in the test until I Alt+Tabbed and re-ran it.

Don't know what that means, but that's what I found.

I can reproduce the same performance drop by toggling the in-game Vsync (which flashes the screen once).
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