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Default Re: FEAR, Logitech HID bad performance

I have this problem and the only things that cause it are the G15 kb and G5 mouse. I have various mice from razer, and have tried at least 4 different keyboards (besides the logitech). The only other keyboard I had a problem with is the MS comfort curve. I had to disable something under USB to make framerates go to normal.

With the logitechs, on the G5 (with setpoint) you have to disable something in the USB. The thing that must be disabled for decent framerates also disables the DPI setting ability of setpoint. Basically the only way to tweak it is to exit the game, enable the usb device, set the DPI, disable and restart the game. Same deal pretty much with the G15, have to disable one of the USB things.

Sorry I can't be more specific but I am not at home so I can't tell you exactly what it is. BTW, this is all on windows XP.

I am currently using a dell keyboard (slim one, very nice and only $15), and a G5 with the usb device disabled.

Comp Specs:
Intel Q9650 @ 3.95Ghz
Asus Rampage Extreme
2x2GB Mushkin DDR3-1600 @ 6-6-6-17
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