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Talking S10U3/SXDE and nVidia 7950GX2

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone has come accross these error's. When I install Solaris Express Developer Edition (Nevada Build 64a x86/x64), the installation proceeds with the X environment. however when it finishes and reboots for the first time, I get the following wraning and the system does not *appear* to proceed with the boot process:

<standard kernel message>
WARNING: terminal emulator: Compatible fb not found.
WARNING: consconfig: terminal emulator failed to initialize.

I dont get the chance to run the nVidia Solaris driver installation binary, because it does not have the option to install in the initial stages of Solaris installs, and SXDE wont boot to the prompt for me to login and install it.

With Solaris 10 Update 3 it's a little different, I get a little firther. The installation proceeds as expected, then the box reboots and the graphical console starts up into the Java Desktop environment. At this point I open a command prompt and run the nVidia driver installation package and the do a "reboot -- -r" for a reconfig reboot. This is where a similar thing happens as with SXDE. The warnings i get are as follows:

<standard kernel message>
WARNING: terminal-emulator: VIS_DEVINIT failed.
WARNING: cons_build_upper_layer; Could not attach frame buffer, error 6

This is where it stays indefinately, I dont get a login prompt at all. In both instances I can do a "Solaris Failsafe" boot and get to the filesystem, but thats it, I'm not too sure what to do from there.

I had a look at the FAQ and the user's guide, but I dont see anything right off the bat that would seem to fix it.

My hardware is as follows:

2 x nVidia 7950GX2's
2 x Opteron 285's
MSI K8N Master2-FAR motherboard
6GB ECC Registered Memory.
4 x 300 SATA HDD's (not NVRAIDed)

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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