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Default Re: remote OpenGL impossible ?

If you bothered to read his post, you would see that he uses:
RHEL 4 on two computers -- on is a 64 bit and one is a 32 bit processor. Since they use Java, that likely means he's running it on x86 machinery (since java on other platforms is really a joke, and nvidia doesn't provide the lastest drivers for Linux on anything but x86's).

He is using the nvidia drivers -- specifically 100.14.11 -- on the client. He did not say what he used on the sever (but I could imagine that it's not important).

There you go -- everything you needed, was right in his original post.

But to answer his question: Yes, it is very much so possible to do remote OpenGL, but perhaps not with nvidia's drivers -- although I have no problem doing this. It might be a problem with jogl or java.

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