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Default Re: Information about the 6800XT

Originally Posted by BigE4u
Make sure the video card has its own line from the psu... meaning nothing else connected to the other molex connectors for that line.
Welp, just tried the card. it booted up with the system. Winxp wouldnt recognize the card, even though i got generic vga drivers so i could see the desktop.

I had the molex connector plugged to it, nothing else on the line.

turned pc off, and back on to do a driver install(after the nvidia drivers couldnt detect the card), and after being on some seconds, it trips the power supply.

So after some testing, if I dont plug the molex connector in , the system boots but no video. When I connect the molex, the power supply trips when I turn it on.

Its not the PS. It's a Coolmaster 450watt, with about 30 amps kicking. I even pulled the hd and cd rom connector and tried, still triped.

Im RMA'in it back to tigerdirect This is disappointing.

UPDATE: Ordered a FX 5900XT in hope that my power supply will run it. I have 17amp's on the 12volt side, hopefully that will do

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