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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

i am glad i contributed somehow to the community
to be honest i am surprised that you guys didnt notice ProgramData, cause NVIDIA has been
using it for a few revisions, like 158.45 & 162.15 that ive been using before 163.11
like i said in previous post, only modifing programdata/nvapps.xml / control panel and
vice versa seems to be in some relationship but should be further investigated because
ive been using nhancer with previous versions which used nvapps in system32 although
there were nvapps in ProgramData too and there were no problems, and like in this revision
forcewere were using programdata nvapps and although nhancer wasnt moddifing it
settings made were sticking and profiling in nhancer were working

go figure
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