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Default Re: Will we ever see an amd64 NVidia driver for FreeBSD?

Well, first I have to applaud you at nVidia for taking concern at driver quality. It's one of the reasons that I find there's no real competition in the market. ATi drivers tend to be excercises in pain and suffering, and Intel chips might have decent drivers (that <I>don't</I> turn on all the features), but the performance is horrible. The open source drivers for either option are better than the closed source drivers.

nVidia on the other hand hand has always produce excellent drivers, and I really don't use anything else on my systems. But now I'm building a multimedia box and don't want much down-time - I'll want to start it in 64 bit. The nv driver is flaky at best in 64 bit. It takes less time to put in a new card and install it than rebuild the OS. As such I have to take either ATi (not a chance) or some onboard Intel thing (guess I won't be gaming much). There is really no point in me getting an nVidia card for this computer.

I guess what I'm getting to (and trying to back up with), is sometimes, it's better to lower your standards a bit, to make your customers happy. Sure, it won't be up to the usual nVidia quality - but it can't be as bad as ATi (lack of stability/reliability, hard to get things to work with it) or Intel (lackluster performace) can it? As long as it is stable and performs better than an Intel graphics chipset, that's what will make me happy.

Sorry to be pushy, I just had to put my 2 cents in, I don't want to be stuck with an Intel graphics chip any longer than I have to. I'd like to play my games, and Wine+FreeBSD+nVidia drivers do that.
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