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Default Re: Geforce FX 5500 with GNU/Linux quake4-demo artifacts

I've added Option "NvAGP" "0" and still the problems continue. I agree thats a good option to keep in, and now I've even booted the system with agp=off for good measure.

The motherboard is a Giga-byte 7DPXDW-P and I've confirmed the BIOS has been at the latest, known as version F6. Its been that way since 2005 and it seems unlikely they will publish any more updates.

Currently I'm booted as a single CPU (no SMP), using Server instead of low-latency desktop scheduling, and turned off power management features. I might have to pull out more cards next like sound, and usb, to eliminate potential problems further though a preliminary test with nousb on the kernel line hasn't helped.
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