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Question RedHat 9 buildmeister not found

I have a project i am working on at my job where i need a linux machine with GeForce graphics card and a digital I/O card.

About a month ago i got this system running using RedHat 8.0. I tried using newer versions of the NVIDIA graphics drivers. These newer versions had conflicts with interrupts coming from the digital I/O card, and as a result the computer would lock up. I then tried installing an older version NVIDIA driver, 3123, and this solved my problem.


Now I have to make a very similar system with all the same hardware, only this time using RedHat 9.0. First I tried installing the latest drivers (4363). There still seems to be a conflict with the digital I/O card. So now i am trying to instal the 3123 drivers, but when i try the rpmbuild --rebuild ...etc.... i get an error of several lines like:

... buildmeister does not exist - using root

I had this same problem on the first machine when i did not have the kernel compiler installed. But I have it installed on this system, and I still get the same error.

What do I do?

Thanks for any help.
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