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Originally posted by willhse
what i ment was, the people there were stuffy and unhelpfull, was told the help channel was #nvida. went there and there was no one there with any statise. lots of users and no answeres, thanks
As Sazar said, I myself know nothing about Linux and nobody in the channel (at the time you came in), knew linux. Well Dibbler knows little but he was away working. Volt wasn't there either. That is why I suggested to you to them other channels, of which #nvidia on that network is also a linux help channel.

Now i know on #nvidia they can a bit l33tist. But #nvnews????
Just because we couldn't help doesn't mean we were stuffy and unhelpfull, just we didn't know. I mean we gave you other channel names? If we could not help because we don't know anythin, that is what it exactly means, we could not help.
We might also be browsing at the same time, writing/reading emails, chatting in other irc networks so thats why it may seem to you that we were supposedly "stuffy". Please do not judge us by one visit.

As for others, they are mostly window users and 99.9% of the time, they stay idle.

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