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Default Re: TV-out quality and overscan

Originally Posted by westis
So the mpeg-2-card RealMagic Xcard that we have now may then be a "specialist card for what you want to do. I.e. geared towards using a PC for broadcast-quality TV output." ?
I don't know that card. Probably you can find suitable cards via Google etc.
Those cards also have features like genlock.

Originally Posted by westis
I'll see if I can find some kind of RGB-to-RCA converter, if that may produce better results. Why would that be better than sending the video through the composite output?
When you convert to composite video (RCA), the results will not be much better. The only advantage will be that you skip a hard-to-control scaling step. The VGA output still can be controlled with specially tweaked modelines, while the TV-OUT cannot.
Of course you will have best results when not converting to composite but keeping the signal as RGB or YPbPr.
But it depends what kind of broadcast standard you are using too (analog or DVB).
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