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Default Re: TV-out quality and overscan

Thanks for your replies!

smp5: I'm the local manager at the Open Channel i Vxj, Sweden ( and also a member of the board for the National Association of Open Channels in Sweden.

Indeed, cooperation with these kind of things is essential for public access TV channels! As a newly eastablished channel (we started broadcasting on May 1st 2006) we are in need of knowing how others have solved these kinds of issues. Especially as we're on a very low budget (no government support to public access TV stations in Sweden....).

And we probably could contribute a bit ourselves too. For example, we're currently building a very nice Linux-based broadcasting/playout system called Ticasto, which is the reason I'm looking for ways to get the video from that to the TV in best possible quality. But maybe that's a topic to be discussed elsewhere...

Sounds interesting with the solutions you mention. The last option is way out of our budget though. And maybe one should not mention this on an nVidia forum, but the Matrox Parhelia series looks interesting too, in ways of outputting s-video in native PAL format.

smp5, I'll PM you with more details of how to get in touch with me to discuss this more outside this forum.

Thanks for your help guys!
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