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Default Keeping 2 drivers for 2 different kernels

I have the drivers installed correctly on my Mandrake 9.1 box
Now i compiled another kernel on the same machine (for completeness sake, is a low-latency patched kernel for multimedia stuff).
If I start up the PC with the new kernel X doesn't start and tells me this in the log:

"(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!"

Reading the docs it says that this could happen when you use a driver compiled for a kernel different from the one you usa, which seems to be exactly my case.

So, the questions are:

- Do I only have to run again to generate a new correct NVIDIA driver for my new kernel?

- Does this REPLACE my previous one, so that X will start only for the new kernel and won't start anymore for the old kernel?

- How can I have BOTH of my kernel make X start WITH a working NVIDIA driver?

Thank you very much.
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