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Lightbulb QIII engines & Dets 40.41 "darkness" fix...

Hello everybody!

I've been browsing this forum for eons... but I never felt like registering and posting something. Today, however, I managed to fix the "darkening issue" with the latest Detonators (40.41) and games based on QIII engine (well, I at least hope I managed to fix it - it worked for me, but it might not work for somebody else). I thought that this may be interesting to many others who experience "very dark" gameplay with QIII, JKII, etc...

The fix (that worked for me) is setting QIII internal engine variable "r_ignorehwgamma" to "1" (mine was "0" originally).

You can do this either through the "in-game" console by typing:
/r_ignorehwgamma "1"

or by rewriting the configuration file by adding the following line to it:
seta r_ignorehwgamma "1"

(QIII config file is [QIII Dir]\baseq3\q3config.cfg, JKII config file is
[JKII Dir]\GameData\Base\jk2config.cfg)

This worked great for me in JKII, and should work fine also with other QIII engines...

So, how do you like it? Does it work for you? Opinions?

Have fun,
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