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Default card has been changed two times.....

Originally posted by sebazve
try to run the x server at 60hz (refresh rate)

Did you try to run X with the framebuffer module? you wont get any acceleration but with this module all cards should run so if you still get those line maybe your card is damage.

The thing is that you get those lines in the console too so it looks like this is something worst than a driver issue.

see ya
Thx for your quick reply...unfortunatelty cannot be an hardware problem, I've replaced the card two times without improuve the situation...
Everything works fine with an ATI Mach64 AGP, but not with 3 nVidia RIVA TNT2!?!

I tryed your suggestion setting up VertRefresh to 48.0 - 60.0, but didn't helped at all..

I've got also the "frame buffer module" compiled statically....

...any further suggestion ?
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