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Default nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue

I've recently purchased 2 nvidia 8800GTS cards each with dual DVI outputs that I've plugged 2 LCD monitors into - 2 into 1 card and 1 in the other.

I'm trying to get all three monitors to work at the same time (a xinerama based tri-monitor)... however I'm just not able to get both cards working at the same time. I can get an output to either the dual monitors or to the single monitor depending on which busID I use in the selected device (and comment out the other entries etc). This proves the card works at least, and the driver can generally communicate with the card.

To try and resolve this issue I added the "UseInt10Module" option to help initialise the second card (which is noted in the README.txt file under Appendix B, found from the Common Problems section).

Unfortunately when in the device section (as per my xorg.conf file attached) it throws an error that the module cannot be loaded.

I also get (when the Int10 module isn't enabled) errors that the driver is having problems with the device files (nvidia0, nvidia1 & nvidiactl).

I've followed the instructions to completely remove unwanted drivers and disable ubuntu's restricted modules from being loaded etc, and installed the latest 100.14.11 driver from the nvidia site.

I've tried Xinerama and twinview, in case that was affecting it some how, but no joy.

I'm not really sure where to go from here... I suspect the driver just isn't working properly and initialising the second card ready to be used, but would be very happy if it's just a stupid config mistake I had made.

Can someone please sense check my config to make sure that it *should* work, and ideally throw out some ideas on how I might fix it.. ?

Thanks in advance
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