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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by Dr.Nick
Tbh, my oc was quite easy and painless and I only stopped going higher because of heat. I went straight to 400x8; once that was tested stable I dropped the multi to 7 and started raising the hsb until i was back to 3.2GHz. 500x6(3GHz) also runs great but I prefer the cpu clocks. I'm sure there is plenty of potential left if the heat could be taken care of.

@daforce: if your heatsink was on tight then there is no need for this mod. It could have been revised or some bad one simply slipped through quality control.

does it change anything running it at 400x8 vs. 500x6? like i know its 3.0 vs. 3.2, but does the multiplier speed up/slow down anything else in the computer?
(not sure if that makes sense)
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