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Default linux 650i+mcp51 network issues with forcedeth

I know nvidia has discontinued nvnet drivers for linux, but i can only get the ethernet working properly with the nvnet module.

If I use the forcedeth provided with the kernel, i don't have ethernet when booting after being in windows. I have to shut the psu down and back up so i can have the ethernet working.

Worst if i use the forcedeth the driver will crash when transferring large amounts of data, randomly, it can take 1GB or 10GB to crash, but it does.

Using nvnet i don't experience any of these problems, but i can't remain using 2.6.16 and 2.6.15 kernels.

Can this driver be updated to support newer kernels?
The last forcedeth driver i tried was in 2.6.20 kernel, and it still had these problems. At least the issue with booting when coming from windows is present since i had an nforce4-sli board. The other one i don't know.

Best regards.
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