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Default Help Please!: Device eth0 has different MAC address than expected

Can someone please help me out here. I am bogged down with getting the lan interface to work.

My system details are:
HP Pavilion a6042n-b, AMD64, Motherboard MCP61
nVidia 6150SE, nForce 430
Linux distro: RHEL Update 5 (provided by Oracle)
kernel 2.6.9-

Earlier, I was able to successfully configure it (using forcedeth in the file on RHEL4-U4 kernel 2.6.9- It was a piece of cake.

But then, I was forced to upgrade to RHEL4-U5 (because some other firewire drivers were not supported on U4), and forcedeth quit working. Tried both an in-place kernel upgrade, as well as a fresh install. Neither works.

On RHEL4-U5, after going through all the motions, when I finally try to bring up the device, I get the error:

Device eth0 has different MAC address than expected, ignoring

After "googling" for hours, I have tried a bunch of things but none worked.

The card shows up in lspci output as

00.07.0 Bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP61 Ethernet (rev a2)

1. I have tried to remove the HWADDR line, as suggested in some forums, didn't work and gave another error

2. Tried the command-line configuration as well as using the GNome based GUI, still no luck.

3. I have deleted the device, stopped the network, reloaded the driver using modprobe as well as insmod, followed by depmod -a, then all the ifconfig motions, nothing is working.

Now, the interesting thing is, that while on RHEL4-U4 the driver was not even included in the distro, I had to download it from nVidia, and the install was a breeze. Yet, the driver came included with the RHEL4-U5 distro, but is just not working.

Can some please help me here.

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