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Default Re: Is it really necessary to allow nude avatars?

Originally Posted by Allaahu_Akbar
I love the fact that 4Aces tried to make a witty intelligent post but failed miserably. "In today's economy alot of villages have been forced to downsize and layoff their idiots" blah blah blah. What a ****.
I do have to say, this post of his was comical. Villages hired people? Perhaps he lives in a small communist state, where the government which presides over a population, not large enough to be a town, hires everyone. Or perhaps it's a small hunting and gathering community, that "downsized" their population, by losing some to the last wholly mammoth hunt Soz, but the choice of words, seems peculiar, and the word company, corporation, or firm would make a lot more sense.

Without jumping in this one, I do find it odd, that when talking about avatars with people in bathing suites, or sometimes thongs, an image of a gun is shown as an example of a risque avatar. As a benefit of the doubt, the file link might be pointing elsewhere now, however.

I'm seeing more and more, such as this one.

at which point Gib would take issue at taking his glock down Then again, if one made him take it down, he might, even as a mod, chose to replace it with an avatar of a polar bear's shaved rump

I won't even bother throwing my view in, as it would seem to be without point. This thread is 7 pages long and was created in mid-April. Any decision, MikeC has made already, as he has undoubtedly seen the arguments over these months.
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