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Default Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue

I did try vmalloc=256MB etc (as per the documentation) and also vmalloc=256M on the first go - neither seemed to make a difference.

But, as this is a new build I decided to give the 64 bit version of ubuntu a try (as this should theoretically not have this problem).

And it's working !

Well... kind of.... I can get all three monitors working at the same time now, however I have a small workaround to get them running and that's to close the xsession (ctrl-alt-f1), load a single screen/device/monitor using the nvidia driver and startx again, then close x (again) replace with the proper config as above, and restart x.

It seems the driver just isn't loading properly initially, but when it does, it's fine. Any ideas as to why this happens ?

Thanks again - your insight into the issue was the key to resolving this. I may need to go back to 32bit and fix the vmalloc thing if the 64bit version turns out to be a maintenance nightmare - but for now I will bask in the glow of glorious 3 monitors (I've really missed having them whilst they've been out of action.. it's amazing how even 2 monitors isn't enough anymore!)

Many thanks - I'll post back if I resolve the pre-loading thing, though if you have any ideas, let me know :-)
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