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Default m2n-mx gigabit problem


my setup is a
asus m2n-mx motherboard (bios rev. 0701 (not 100% sure); nforce 430)
2 sata seagate hdds
connected to a netgear gbit-switch (and previously d-link gbit-switch).

at first i tried ubuntu feisty (7.04, amd64, also one try with gentoo 2007.0 minimal x86) without installing windows. then the onboard gbit nic can't establish a connection to the gbit-switch. it also doesn't work if i call 'ethtool -s speed 100' for 100mbit or 10mbit. i also tried two different kernel-packages in ubuntu: 2.6.22 (form gutsy) and 2.6.20 (default).
result: no connection to a gbit-switch from linux (forcedeth driver, version 0.60 i think).
but if i connect it physically to a 100mbit router, then everything works fine (but without gbit of course).

yesterday i tried it with windows. there everything seems to work fine regarding gbit (tested with netio).
then i powered off (stupidly without disconnecting the power) and tried linux again and it worked!!!

later i took the computer and brought it to my friend with a smile on my face that everything works now. but as we connect everything it does not work again under linux.

now im very confused and don't know how to go on. it's also difficult to try many things, since he needs the computer to access his files on the hdd's (he has only a laptop).

thanks for any help,
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