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Thumbs up Get out foul spirit -- Death to the Infinite Loop (and DET 40 comments)

I have been cursed with the infamous "Infinite Loop" blue screen ever since my upgrade to a GF3 ti200 (Gainward O/C'ed to 250/550 ) !! Running on WinXP, I never had this problem with my GF2, but as soon as I installed the GF3 -- BAAM (never ocurred with Win2K either) !! Screen freezes and a few agonizing minutes later -- NV4DISP.DLL / Infinite Loop bluescreen. Tried every driver from 22.9X's to 30.82's -- some made matters worse, some made it somewhat beeter, but could never run 3DMark 2001 or DronzeMark loops for over 3 hours without a crash. Tried underclocking, de-tuning RAM settings, altering AGP drive strength, disabling Fastwrites, dropping to AGP 2X, clean re-installs of WinXP -- all with no luck.

But wait ...

Then there came WinXP sp1 v1105 and the new Det 4's. After applying sp1, things improved dramatically. I could go 8-10 hrs without a blue screen, but the system would lock up with a solid white line along the screen bottom. Cold boot time. No BSOD and longer periods befor the error. A definite move in the right direction, heh !!

Then came the Det 4's and ALLA KAZAAM, ALLA KAZOO -- the foul demon of the Infinite loop has been cast into the burning pit of hell! After applying these 2 things, the damn thing will run 24 hours without a hiccup. No lockup, no BSOD, just endless looping demo stability goodness !!! The only thing that causes an abort is me intentionally stopping the process via the ESC key.

If you've got the INFINITE LOOP problem, and have access to the WinXP SP1 Beta v1105, give them a try and POST up your findings.

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