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Default Re: 6800GT: graphics corruption when back from sleep mode

Originally Posted by Whammamoosha
Uh-oh, the ambient temps barely went up and sometimes the system wouldn't boot.

I verified the BIOS I flashed the card with and noticed 2 differences from the original BIOS:

-- Voltage is 1.4V (1.3V in the original)
-- Memory config is slightly different.

I took my BIOS backup, created a 1.4V version using NIBITOR:

and flashed the card with that BIOS mod. I turned off the case fans to make the case even hotter (to stress-test the modded BIOS). The system would boot up normally AND the graphics wouldn't get corrupted when coming back from sleep mode.

So it seems that all that was needed was 1.4V (an not a whole new BIOS).
Running a 6800gt with Vcore of v1.4v is not recommended if overclocking above 400MHz ---> this kind of extra strain on the voltage regulator components has many times proven to dramatically reduce a 6800gt's life expectancy !

Because 6800gt and 6800Ultra cards are based on same design, their corresponding bioses will allow Vcore settings up to 1.5v. However bios settings of 1.4v and 1.5v are only meant for the higher overclocked 6800Ultra card which uses dual regulators in parallel for its Vcore supply !

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Codecreatures1, 90.8
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3Dmark06 v102, 2949
3Dmark2001se v330, 23793.
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